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CNDM (Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical)

As part of the CNDM cycle, Asier Polo will perform the evocative work by Tan Dun “Snow in June” for solo cello and four percussionists, “Neopercusión”, as well as the premiere by the young Spanish composer Alberto Carretero, featuring Manuel Blanco (trumpet) and Juanjo Guillem (percussion). Without doubt, this is a great opportunity to enjoy Asier Polo’s more contemporary work.

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“An exceptional soloist”

“… we went to a memorable performance of Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto Nº2. Here we’re talking about an exceptional soloist, who had an authoritative understanding of the work right from the outset. This is not a concerto that displays immediate virtuosity, but by contrast it requires introspection and intimacy at many points, as well as stamina in the faster sections, all combined with the sarcasm and ironic bitterness that are so typical of Shostakovich.