Tomás Marco

Cello Concerto

  • CD Ref. VRS 2069
  • Verso

Written between 1974 and 1976 this is the most ‘youthful’ work on the CD as Tomás Marco composed it when he was in his thirties. These were years of tense – but certainly very interesting – musical life in Spain, in which great masters such as Óscar Esplá (who died while Marco was writing this concerto), Federico Mompou, Ernesto Halfter and Joaquín Rodrigo lived and worked, at the same time as the masters of ‘new music’ were already emerging, led by Tomás Marco, Carlos Cruz de Castro and Arturo Tamayo. Tomás Marco was a leading figure in the “avant garde” movement, of course, but it’s worth noting that in the mid-1970s, as he was seen to be going against the tide, he began to name his works using traditional terms such as ‘Concerto’, Symphony’ and ‘Sonata’, which he did with great consistency as his aim was to reflect on forms and genres of the past and to re-create them in a new sound world.