Luis de Pablo

Frondoso Misterio


1 Mov.

  • CD Ref. CD 50-2817
  • Claves

“In the collection on the Claves label that the Basque National Orchestra has devoted to Basque composers, the figure of Luis de Pablo (born in Bilbao in 1930) appears triumphal. In the ‘Danzas secretas’ (2007) for harp and orchestra, which was commissioned by the orchestra, and in ‘Frondoso misterio’ (2001), a cello concerto in seven movements, the composer conjures up lyricism and melodic lines with expressive intensity. The harpist Frédérique Cambreleng, the cellist Asier Polo and the conductor Arturo Tamayo all do justice to this inspirational music.”

[Review from the Diario de Sevilla, Saturday 2nd May 2009]